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From: Genny McCain
Subject: A Genny Story... Tuesday EveningA Genny Story... Tuesday EveningThis was just a regular chill porn pedo day. But the loving was just so
perfect I wanted to share it with the world. I children pedo world hope you
enjoy.I am Genny.Yesterday the rain cleared up in the afternoon. I ran out to
the store and had all the fixins for a nice dinner by the
time Melly got home. I had a salad made and in the fridge
and two chicken breasts in a marinade. I had the coals hot in
our little hibachi, and the cork out of the wine.
After she had changed and washed up Melly poured us both some
wine and we sat out on our patio while the chicken cooked. It
was just one of those perfect moments. The world around us
was peaceful and quiet and we could sit out there and hold
hands and talk about our day. When it was time to flip the
chicken, Melly came up behind me and wrapped me in her arms.
I wiggled my butt back against her as she kissed me on the
neck. She slid her cold hands under my sweatshirt onto my
belly and made me jump. Once they warmed up she moved them up
and cupped both my tits. We stood sex pedofilia free there by the warm grill
listening to the meat sizzle as she stroked and teased me.
Eventually I turned in her arms and kissed her before we had
to break for dinner.
There were two more glasses of wine with dinner and we opened
a second bottle after we cleaned up the dishes. When we moved
out on the couch I ran through everything that was on TV and
there was nothing. I don't watch Dancing With The Stars or
other junk like that, so I said I was going to go private sites about pedo up and take
a shower. Melly said that if I wanted to take a bath, she
would join me. Now, What girl would ever pass up an offer
like that? So I went up and ran the water until it was just
on the verge of being pedo mothers too hot and added some of our best
bubbles. We have 6-7 candles in the bathroom and I lit them.
Then I went to our toy drawer and got out our double headed
dildoe. I tossed it into the water and it disappeared under
the bubbles.Melly came in wearing her robe (untied), her brown tan body
showing sharply against the white robe, and carrying the
bottle of wine, but no glasses. She took a swallow of the
wine and came up nude pedo photo
and kissed me so I could taste it on her
mouth and tongue. When we broke the kiss I pulled my
sweatshirt up over my head and pushed my jeans and panties
down to the floor. When I pedo mothers was naked she opened her robe and I
moved in to the warmth of her body. She set the bottle on the
counter and wrapped pedo litle girl her robe around both of us as we kissed
again. My hands slid down her back to her cheeks and pulled
us both closer together. Our tongues wrestled for a little
while, and we could both feel the other getting excited.We broke the kiss, moved the wine bottle to the edge of the
tub and then both of us slid into the hot soapy water. We sat
facing each other from the ends of our tub. I remember the
tub my sister Janet and I used to take baths in at home. When
we were very young we used to share a private sites about pedo
bath and she always
made me sit in the deep end with the faucet poking me in the
back of the head. Whoever designed the faucet in the middle
of the tub deserves a Nobel Prize for romance enhancement.I picked up Melly's foot and washed it. She giggled as I
slipped my fingers between her toes, and scratched my nails
on the underside of her foot. As I finished each foot I
brought it to my mouth and sucked her big toe trying to look
as sexy pedo pics only as I could.When I let her real pedo links
second foot go back in the water she pedo sex children
under the bubbles and came up with the dildo. It was all
shiny looking. Melly held it out like a limp sword and poked
it at my right tit. We giggled and she kept poking me and I
kept trying childporno pedo to grab the slippery toy. Eventually I slid up
the tub to her and pulled her to me. I wrapped my legs over
hers and around her back. He body was slippery against mine
and I loved the feel of her bigger tits slipping over and
around mine. My arms were around her back and her hands came
to lace her fingers in my hair. We kissed and nibbled at each
others face for quite awhile. Eventually we broke the kiss
and just held each other tight. Melly held up the dil and
asked, "Did you have plans for this in here?"
I just shrugged, "It was a possibility, if the mood struck
us."She kissed me again and then said, "I think I would
rather get into bed, just you and me, unless you really want
this.""No, no. Just you and me in bed sounds perfect. Lets rinse
off."I pulled the pedo kiddy porno plug and she got out and turned on the shower.
When the water was nice and warm we both jumped in to get all
the bubbles off of us. Of course pedo movie sex
we had to play around a
little to make sure all those little bubbles were out of all
those hidden little places.After the rinse and then a mutual pat down with towels (again
checking all those delicious, hard to get at places) we moved
to the bed.We had both been taking little sips from the wine bottle and
it was about half gone. With both of us having a little buzz
we decided it would be best to leave the bottle in the
bathroom.Our bodies were warm from the water and the sheets felt cool
to the touch. We moved together and started kissing again.
Melly pushed up against me and I rolled over on my back and
loved the feel of her weight on top of me. Her hair draped
down around both our faces, and I spread my legs to let her
settle in against me better. For the next ten minutes there
was much kissing and a gentle humping motion of her hips
against mine. I scratched my nails down her back and grabbed
on to her butt cheeks. I spread my legs wider pedo boys sex
and raised my
knees up so my pussy could rub russian child pedofilia
against hers. We both moaned
and pressed harder.The rythem started picking up and when we broke the kiss we
were both a little short of breath. Her mouth was at my ear
and she started talking dirty to me. She kept telling me how
good my pussy felt against hers and how she wantd to fuck me
to death. I streached my arms down further and parted her
cheeks as I pulled her firmer against me. I let my index
finger slip down between her cheeks and then trail back up
across her little pucker. As I slid across it she caught her
breath, so I scratched my finger nail right across the tight
little ring and she moaned, "Oh fuck, you are such a nasty
girl."With each word she humped her pussy against mine.I drug my nail again across her anus and rubbed the center of
it. Melly pushed up on her arms and that let her increase the
pressure between our pussys. Between the juice we were
creating, and the sweat from the friction, our pussy pedo illegal sex lips
slid easy against the others. I could actualy hear the sexy
squish, squish noise as our lips parted and then came back
together with each stroke.I looked up to Melly's face and her head was thrown back and
her eyes were closed. She started to increase the rythem and
with each hump against me she gave out a very sexy little
grunt. I child russia pedo boys could tell she was close so I started talking to
her."Oh yes. Fuck me Baby. Fuck me with your sweet pussy. Give it
to me. Give me your sweet cum. I childporno pedo
want you to cum all over
I touched the tip of my finger to the center of her anus and
pressed gently against it. I knew I could easly press it
right into her, but I also knew she pedo teen nude would get off more on the
tease than the real thing."Oh you slut, You nasty fucking slut. Oh fuck, oh fuck fuck
fuck!"Her hips were a blur against mine. It felt so good, and
watching the blush rise in her pretty face as she got close,
was pushing me to my orgasm too.And then she started to cum. It was beautiful. Her whole body
started to spasm, and all she could say was "Oh fuck, oh
fuck, oh fuck" over and over.After more than a minute she slumped back down against me. I
wrapped my arms around her and held her close as I felt her
body tremble with the free nude pedo pics after shocks of a good orgasm. real pedo links I pushed
her hair out of the way and kissed the side of her face and
her neck. Slowly I could feel her breath coming back to
normal. When she could talk she turned her face to mine and
kissed me and said, "God, that felt good. Thank you."I laughed and said, "Your welcome, but you did most of the
work. I was just here for the ride."We both smiled at each other and then kissed again.After about ten mintes of rest, Melly rolled over to my side.
She left one leg draped over my thigh and I could feel her
very wet pussy against my hip.She wispered in my ear. "Now what can I do for you?"It was a retoricle question because she had already moved her
hand onto my pussy. I moaned and pushed up against her hand
like a cat looking to get petted. She pushed her hand deeper
between my legs and brought it out high enough so we could
both see how wet it was. Her fingers were shiny with both our
juices. She brought her finger tips to erotica pedo my right nipple and
circled it, leaving a shiny little trail around the raising
nipple. She pinched the nipple between her slippery fingers
and I could feel my excitment grow.After a minute she leaned over and sucked the nipple clean.
Then she moved up and kissed me. I couldn't tast the juice on
her mouth, but just the sexienes of it made me moan.While we kissed her hand went back down to my pussy. Her
finger tips trailed down between my lips, and she teased me
with a finger nail drug over my clit. She got the groan she
wanted and I could feel her smile against pedo sex pictures kiddy my mouth.One finger snaked it's way into my pussy and I pushed my hips
up again to meet it. Slowly she started to use just that one
finger. Slipping it out and then pushing it back in again. It
felt nice but I needed more. Thankfully she slid a second and
then a third pedo chatte photo
finger into me. Now, I felt nicely full as she
pushed her digits deep into me. Her palm pressed down pedo kinder loltas against
my clit and she held it there to let me enjoy the pressure of
it.Her mouth was at my ear. I could feel her videos gratis de pedofilia breath on me. She
took my ear lobe between her teeth and slowly bit down. She
bit harder and harder until finally I had to moan. She pedo chatte photo eased
up just a little as she pushed her hand back into my pussy. I
felt like a swamp down there, and could feel the cool wet
spot starting on the sheet under my butt.She let go of my ear lobe and started to talk to me again. "I
want to make you cum. I want you to scream and cum all over
my hand. Be my pedo galleries forums boards sweet little slut and cum for me."As she pushed her fingers into me she curled them slightly
and as they came out they slid across my g-spot. My hips
started to hump up harder against her hand. I was grunting
and I could feel the sweat coming from every part of me.
Melly picked up her pace and with every push in her palm
slapped against my clit. I was starting to see incest pedo porn pics stars.She kept up the dirty words calling me every nasty name in
the book. And then I just exploded. My whole body went ridgid
and then I started to shake all over. It was glorious.
I could feel my pussy spasm over and over and over
again. Melly's dirty words went to a soft cooing in my ear as
I started to uncoil. Every muscle had been so tight for pedo mafia sex
long that when I finaly relaxed, I felt like a wet noodle. I
cuddled up against Melly and never felt more content.I must of dozed off for at least a minute, because the next
thing I knew we were both covered up. I felt warm and safe
and happy. It was a wonderful night and I know I am a very
lucky girl.I hope you enjoyed our little story. As always I would love
to hear from anyone that would like to write. Be warned... I
always write back. www.gfire55hotmail.comHappy girl kisses Genny
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